Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Things are going ok - not fantastic but not terrible either.  K is on home bound now meeting with a teacher two days per week and going to therapy once per week.  While she can still be volatile and still voices some concerning thoughts about suicide, I do feel we are better than we were. 

M is doing well - I would say very well but she's been having some friend problems.  While I would prefer her to make a new group of friends since I'm not really impressed with her current group, I was becoming concerned that she was becoming depressed and withdrawn since she wasn't hanging out with them like she had been and wasn't making any effort to make new friends.  Within the last couple weeks that has changed and I'm less concerned.  She is doing well in school and our relationship has also improved by leaps and bounds.

N is her little happy self.  She is growing up too fast and starting to sound more mature and I'm sad, but I know that's how it goes.  I am glad I kept her in the schools I have because she seems less worldly than the girls did at her age, and I think part of that is because of what the girl's dad exposed them to and the fact that they were in a program that was extremely large and the base was more lower middle to lower income rather than N's current one which is higher, upper, middle income.  Not to say there aren't a few kids on the lower income scale, but they are the minority not the majority which is the opposite of what the girls grew up in.

Me, I'm doing ok. Had a hopefully minor financial setback that I hope won't turn into a major one.  Please keep us in your prayers.

If you are reading this and your child was molested, it does get better.  We are close to two years out and starting to feel a little normal again.