Thursday, September 3, 2015

Finally some good news!  Things have improved for K - she has made some new friends and things seem to be going a lot better.  Thank goodness because my heart was breaking.

M is doing great at soccer and socially.  She and I butt heads quite often but we have also become closer. 

N is struggling a little bit with anxiety and school/aftercare.  I'm hoping after a few months she will get more comfortable.  The teacher has recommended her for a program they have that will help her with self-esteem and confidence.  Her school seems really great.

I'm also doing pretty well.  A little lonely but usually don't have time to dwell on that.

Looking back it's been a little over two years and I think we are finally starting to recover from what happened.  I am proud of my little family and I have finally realized that I am enough.  That I am valuable, that I'm able to make myself happy. 

I'm working on a couple of things and hopefully in the next six months something big might happen in my life that may change it forever - and no, it's not a man. LOL It's starting a new business.  I'm pretty excited.

Stay blessed and keep us in your prayers - it's working!!!