Monday, April 25, 2016

so far no problems with K and M's dad - hopefully I was just being paranoid.

have some great news - I think I have a part time job that I can do from home and work when I want to but I do have to do at least 20 hours per week.  It's grading standardized tests and you make $13 per hour.  This will help me out tremendously!!! Training is supposed to start this week.  Hopefully this will help get me out of my financial pit and I can get back on my feet.  I can also work as many hours as I want up to 40 so AWESOME!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

K and M's father is escalating.  It's making me very nervous.  I am very paranoid about him  - he hasn't threatened me or anything but any contact makes me nervous.  First he commented on a picture of me that someone posted that I wasn't tagged in so I didn't know about it at first - someone told me about it.  This weekend he somehow got M's number and sent her messages that went like this:

"hey babygirl it's dad.  don't get freaked out n really wish ud keep this between us? if u don't want me to ever text or call I won't! but this is my number n u text for call me whenever u want it be nice if  ud shoot me a text once n awhile I was hopin we could maybe meet n town maybe sometime go to a ballgame this year n hopefully live on the the levee some. will see. i heard the girls u were at embassy with is really great girls. proud of u n try to always stay with positive people that want good things n life do u know where XXXX market is i live across st last brick building on the right at very end of street n town opposite of river i love u bunch text me n tell k love her bunch n i hope she really doesn't have a bf but if so gu dougie fresh guess i just hope shes being smart n hes good to her as long as hes never ever mean to her n anyway n he goes to college or better have a job 4sure if no retend im in the middle squeezin the heck outt ya bye dougie fresh then i just hope shes happy i want u girls to be happy n just wish college would b ur main goal cause u have 4ever for stupid men lol i support n im on yals team always no matter what n never forget that i try come up with lil money for yal to blow text me love u berry n tell k yal hug each other n p"

this is so hard - I don't know what to do - he's so crazy and manipulative I never know if he really wants to be in the girls life or just wants to terrorize me or find a way to hurt me

if he really wanted to be in their life why hasn't he gotten a job? stopped doing drugs? stopped doing criminal things? I know it's not fair to the girls but I wish he would just disappear for good out of their life

M is pretty sure it's her friend N who gave him her number because this friend N is now saying all the same shit that he told K when he tried to get her to talk to him about a year ago or so and she told him off - he knows M is his last chance and I know M is the weak link she doesn't remember how bad it was with im K does I just wanna run away

Monday, April 11, 2016

So excited M had a 4.3 and K a 3.9 on their report cards!! N got all S's.  Although K is going through a depressive episode right now I can't help but feel proud of them and myself for guiding them back to success in school.  Now if I can just get financially straight things would be great!!!!