Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas for the Girls - I think I may have went a wee bit overboard BUT we had a sucky christmas last year so..........

N (5 years old)
Santa present - Island Princess dollhouse/vanity (can be used as a dollhouse or vanity it's like convertible) with a bench seat that can house the accessories and two barbies

DSi with three games
My Little Pony Friendship Castle with three ponies
My Little Pony walkie talkies
Doc McStuffin's mobile play tent with dr kit
Playdoh Set
Jewlrey box
Snow boots
Elsa/Olaf game
Butterfly in a Jar (her request)

M (13 almost 14)
Xbox 360 w/wireless controller headset and 4 games
Northface osito jacket

K (15)
Ralph Lauren Riding boots
Northface osito jacket

Both older girls
wireless bluetooth speaker
makeup set
makeup brush set
portable USB stick charger for iPhone
bath/body works set

Friday, December 12, 2014

Judy - she is currently on 90 mg of cymbalta and 5 mg of abilify but he just recently added the 30g of cymbalta she was on 60mg I hope it helps too I wish there was  a generic version of abilify that stuff is expensive even with insurance!!!


well so far so good with the program BUT according to K they have not done any individual therapy with her yet so yesterday I called them one to confirm that which was true and two asked about it so hopefully they will get that going -  K also says group therapy not must substance to it so not sure if that is helping either but at least she goes without complaint she did say she liked going there better than regular school which is sad - I loved going to school and being with my friends - she confirmed again with this place that she had been sexually molested which is good I think that she is bringing it out in the open and maybe this is why she is starting to do better because she's not keeping it secret any longer - for some reason I am having a harder time believing that this happened to her although I don't let her know that - mostly because she didn't tell in the beginning when it all came out about her sister even though I asked her repeatedly as did the forensic psychologist that interviewed them for the case but I understand that she wasn't ready

M is doing pretty well still - I wish K had M's resilience - I mean maybe M will have trouble later I don't know but right now she seems to be doing fantastic - she also has good self esteem and doesn't let people's opinions dictate her life which I wish K had

N is still her little joyful self and she has started to be able to talk about her dad without breaking down - it's still sad but it helps to know that she is coming to terms with his status.

This excercise program I have started has done wonders for me I wish I had done it a long time ago, but better late than never!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

well K is now enrolled in that 7 week program - starts tomorrow.  I have high hopes - which normally I'm usually a little more pessimistic thinking when it comes to expectations as in hope for the best expect the worst but the guy we worked with really seemed to know what he was talking about and he seemed to be able to communicate with K in a way that seemed hopeful - plz plz plz let this work out - I kinda wish they offered a longer term BUT it's better than nothing!!!

things have been pretty calm since the last crisis with K but that's pretty much because I haven't been rocking the boat - in other words making any demands or expectations for K.

Her diagnosis as of now:

severe clinical depression with rule out for psychosis
generalized anxiety disorder with rule out for PTSD

he said she said some things during their one on one interview that were kinda red flaggy for psychosis but not so blatant that alarms were going off so they are going to attempt to rule it out - I know exactly what he means when he said this so I'm kinda glad to hear he thought it to

he thinks she might have PTSD which could be causing the anxiety and other things

I was very impressed


still doing my 7 minute workout going on about three weeks I think - I'm proud of myself.  I love this because 1)it's quick, 2) can do at home no equipment needed.  I'm sooooooooo glad I read about this workout plan.  I can really tell a difference in how I feel physically and mentally.