Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My oldest daughter's father has died.  He is not the one who molested the girls, he was just a deadbeat dad.  Ever since I left him he had struggled to live normally.  For the past few years he had been living in a homeless shelter.  He had been arrested a few times for shoplifting.  Overdosed in 2014. Got arrested right after Christmas of 2016 for burglary.  He got out of jail this month - they dismissed the charges.  He overdosed that  night.  The girls hadn't had a relationship with him since they were six and seven.  They had only recently had some sporadic convos with him via text on Facebook.  Both had told him until he stopped doing drugs they couldn't have a relationship with him.  He was unable to meet that limit.  They both feel guilty.  I've talked to them and explained that it's not their fault - but kids are kids.  The only positive - they may get social security payments.  In 17 years their father has maybe contributed 2k (if that) to their upbringing and that was only because he was on work release.  I am glad that they will finally receive something.  What a waste.