Wednesday, February 24, 2016

well things are still positive - while K is still very moody her grades  are A's and B's and she has been trying to keep her room clean (she hasn't done this in AGES).  She also organized her clothes.  She did tell me she is feeling seriously depressed again so we have scheduled therapy for her. 

M doing great in school still.  She's had some friend problems lately but honestly I think are for the best.  Her friend was not a positive influence in my opinion.  I'm pretty sure her improved attitude is a result of not being around said friend.  We shall see.

N growing up so fast.  Catching a little attitude now and then (from her role models - her sisters) but I nip it in the bud everytime.  She is just so sensitive it's hard to be tough on her - those tears well up and my heart just melts. LOL

Financially things are still not what I would wish but we are making it.  I hate that I can't get the girls clothes they need/want.  Luckily Shaye could care less.  My clothing is mostly hand me downs.

Winter got me down a little - I think I might have a little of that seasonal affective disorder but I've been better in the last few weeks.  It just gets overwhelming sometimes being responsible for these three all by myself with no help from anyone - no extended family, no dad - it sucks.  Then add in my dad who is not one to sugar coat things and says things like "well you are the one who wanted all these kids", "you are the one who picked em (talking about the dads).  My dad is not a bad person but he's not very sympathetic lol.  Both of my parents live out of state now and I have no brothers and sisters and extended family is estranged since I was about 11 is what it is.


  1. Oh My Gosh--my Dad and more my Step-Mother made that kind of comment every time my girls got pregnant. "Another baby? Don't you have enough?" My Dad was not that way with me, when my mother was alive. She was so happy for her soon to be grandchild that I think he knew better than to say anything.
    Glad the girls are keeping their own and NO major problems. They may all need therapy once in awhile as they get through school. Wish I had had someone to talk too during those school years!