Friday, November 21, 2014

lots going on not sure why I haven't posted but I'm just gonna jump back in to the present:

1.  CPS thing still not over but I think it will be soon had to send in release to counselor could talk to social worker (um didn't have to sign a release when she reported me! lol)

2.  tax thing fixed - sent in copies of my taxes and birth certificates they have retracted the lock in letter designating me as single no allowances back to my original status YAY!!!

3. K not much better - she was doing pretty well and then bam crashes and burns again.  Hope is on the horizon changing her to a program recommended by school for 6-8 weeks if she doesn't do better then looks like she will be going to residential treatment center for up to 3 months maybe 6 - they call it.

4.   looks like K and M's dad lost/quit his job, no child support this month :( bummer

5.  M's team won their cheer comp this past weekend YAY!!!!  She was so happy.

6.  Car at dealership this morning hopefully fixing the shocks and door handle problem thank god it's still under warranty!

7.  Been feeling a little lonely lately for someone to share my life with and feeling like that is never gonna happen for me due to my situation.  Just don't think the girls will be able to handle it especially K.

8.  Gonna start working on a plan - I know I've said it before but at least I have good intentions!


  1. You are one very strong woman!!! But don't have a choice do you? Gotta take care of it all. See to everything. Keep kids protected. Deal with idiot ex husband. It just goes on and on and I can assure you, one day it will all be better--maybe not perfect, but better. One day, you might even have time for yourself and your own happiness. You can do it!

  2. Having a plan is good. It helps see further than the mess all around... It sounds like you're pulling things together, and that's a huge achievement in itself.
    I understand the loneliness, and it sucks. Hang on in there !