Monday, November 24, 2014

Judy  you just don't know how much your comments mean to me and thank you soooooooooo much for your encouragement and support.


weekend was pretty good but BUSY.  Cheer comp sat had to be up at 6am - it was a super beautiful day temps in 70s took N to park/playground after comp surly teenagers were invited but chose not to go and honestly I was glad they just would have complained and asked to go home about 15 minutes after we got there so N and I stayed until dark.  These two dads with two kids each that I think were brothers too entertained all the kids on the playground for a good hour with the flying fox cable thingy the other moms and I were like we should be paying them lol

went to the hs playoff game sat night and was having a good time til the 2nd quarter and K asks to go to car and get her phone - she wsa with a boy - and I said you have 10 minutes and then she proceeds to ignore my phone calls/texts til I actually leave to go check on them and meet them coming in the gate.  We left I told her she was grounded and she has the nerve to act like she doesn't understand.  January can't come soon enough.  She is just not even trying.  I'm afraid to punish her too much because I'm afraid she will hurt herself - you can't parent like that.  So she is going to have to go somewhere where she can't hurt herself AND she is given limits and learns how to accept them.  Everytime I give her the benefit of the doubt she plays me for a fool again.

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  1. Just about the time I (re) trusted my oldest daughter--she pulled another idiot move. It is soooo hard to keep trusting, especially when it has been thrown in your face time after time. With her, I started seeing misdeeds that weren't really bad--just because i didn't quite trust her. I hate that you are going through this because, I remember how scary and troubling it all was. I want to tell you that it will all turn out alright--that years from now, you will talk about these days and laugh. She will admit she was a brat and you will agree. I hope that is the way it turns out for you. My oldest daughter and I are now best friends!! I never thought that would happen and strangely, the daughter I was the closest to, won't speak to me. Who knows!!!