Thursday, August 21, 2014

K came back home on Tuesday.  She is def improved and improving more every day.  I wonder if I shouldn't have done this back in October of last year and saved all of us a lot of suffering, but I know there is no use wasting time on shoulda coulda woulda, the best thing to do is focus on the future.  Once again I'm hoping things are finally starting to come together.

There have been other lots of positive things happening too like making new friends, helping others, and M seeming to be doing wonderfully despite all she has gone through.  I'm trying to concentrate on the positives and be hopeful. I believe! I believe! I believe!


  1. Take each victory and savor the heck out of it!!! Expect each day to be good and don't look too hard for the little bad nothings. At least, you know if she needs help, it is nearby.

    1. i can't find your blog my bookmarks got messed up and it's not on your profile any more help!