Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Things are still going relatively well.  Lots of improvements.  A couple of baby steps backward (lost $350 on Monday not sure where/how but it's definitely gone out of my purse so either I didn't have the pocket zipped up and it fell out or someone at the fundraising booth took it - I'm hoping the former), but all in all pretty good times.

K is still not really into the whole cheer thing at school but I really can't afford all star cheer right now so it will have to do.  They have upped her meds to 60mg of Cymbalta 3mg of Abilify and 25mg of Trazadone after our last appt with her psychiatrist.  I think he was pretty shocked she wanted to go to Highland and at all the other appts I have let K do all the talking but at this one I spoke up and shared things she has told me like the weekend after she came home we were at a breakfast place and she said rather matter of factly, I think I'll just kill myself next week.  When I expressed how shocked I was by that statement she told me that she was just tired of being this way all the time, tired of being unhappy and hateful and she was never going to get better.  I tried to reassure her but if you've ever been around a clinically depressed person (and that is her diagnosis), that doesn't usually work.  Her psychiatrist told her how impressed he was by her reaching out when she was feeling suicidal and told her that she will get better that she's only been under his care for a few months and we were going to get aggressive with treating her and upped all her meds.  So far haven't seen much improvement but they say 30 days to get in your system.  Pray for her.

M is doing pretty well as is N.

Mom is also doing pretty good considering.


  1. She may have made that statement to you just to see your reaction, but then...with a depressed person, you just never know. Is there any possibility that you all could get involved in one of those large non-denominational churches that have a large young people's group? We have one just up the street and the kids love it there. I have seen it work miracles in troubled teens' lives. They don't preach! They don't judge! It's not really "religious". They just ease along and the kid's come to realize that there IS a greater being who loves them just as they are. There's rock bands and dancing and it seems to be great for the young people.

  2. actually I have been planning on doing that very thing have checked into a couple of places and we are going to try one out this sunday!!!