Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Got a 5k bonus at work on Friday - I was flabbergasted to say the least.  Couldn't have come a better time.  Yay for Christmas! lol  Finally I can give the girls a good christmas instead of scrabbling around like I do every year  - they always get what they wanted but I struggle.

K still seems to be on upswing when observing her but when you look at her social media accounts not so much.  So much negativity and still depressive thinking.

M doing better and better every day.  She is AMAZING.

N getting too big for her britches.

Called the prison on Friday regarding having someone talk to him about divorcing but no one called back.  But a big step for me.I had to wait on the divorce for strategic reasons.

Almost have the cars fixed and hopefully can trade them in so I only have one car payment instead of two!

This bonus will also help me get caught up on bills and get K some braces.  I have insurance that covers 2/3 but I still needed about $1200.

Still have not made it to church - it seems like something always comes up but I know I need to make it a priority.

Judy please leave your blog addy, I lost all my bookmarks!!! - I'm so silly I can find it via stats just did it! I'm a little foggy these days.


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  1. $5K? OHMYGOSH!!!!!!! Glad things are going better--inch by inch!