Friday, July 18, 2014

for me the weird thing about our therapy is I don't get much feedback from their therapists.  Is that normal?  the group that we see specializes in the treatment of children who have been sexually/physically abused so I have to trust that they know what their doing but sometimes I wonder.  I have seen positive results so it must be working but it feels weird to me that these people know things about my kids that I don't.  My middle daughter's therapist has told me that ultimately the goal is for her to eventually the goal is for her to talk about what happened to her but that right now they are just generally discussing how abuse affects kids.

my oldest and I had a therapy session together yesterday because her therapist told me when I talked to her about my concerns that her problem with her self worth is related to some things that include me - I was really taken aback by this disclosure because I couldn't really think of what I may have done that had affected her that way, but now just as I'm writing this, I think it may be my example of how I've let people treat me, namely the male species.  However, her therapist did not adequately convey to mine any of this so we didn't really even get anything resolved regarding that, but we did air out some things and I think cleared some air between my daughter and I which resulted in some positive outcomes. 


  1. It's best this way. The girls can feel more trusting of the therapist's, knowing they can tell them anything without the therapist's telling you. The girls may never tell you, which is okay too--just so they heal and recover--it's not necessary for you to know every detail.

  2. right I don't want the therapist to tell me details but it just seems like there should be some updates on their progress or something...but like I said the overall effect has been positive so I'm def not knocking it ;)