Monday, June 23, 2014

A quote from an article about hyperthermia cases (children left in cars that die from overheating):

"Humans, Hickling said, have a fundamental need to create and maintain a narrative for their lives in which the universe is not implacable and heartless, that terrible things do not happen at random, and that catastrophe can be avoided if you are vigilant and responsible.

In hyperthermia cases, he believes, the parents are demonized for much the same reasons. “We are vulnerable, but we don’t want to be reminded of that. We want to believe that the world is understandable and controllable and unthreatening, that if we follow the rules, we’ll be okay. So, when this kind of thing happens to other people, we need to put them in a different category from us. We don’t want to resemble them, and the fact that we might is too terrifying to deal with. So, they have to be monsters.”

In a way it's the same thing with molestation.   It's easier to avoid thinking, talking about this because no one wants to face the reality that there is a significant amount of people in the world that perpetrate this crime everyday behind closed doors.   It's easier to think that mom didn't watch her kids carefully enough, she's a bad mother, the kids were at fault, the father was "weird".  This crime happens to kids every day in families you would NEVER suspect.  It really is an epidemic but no one wants to admit it, everyone just wants to keep it quiet because it's easier to pretend it's not happening than face the ugly truth.

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