Monday, June 9, 2014

Billionaire molests step daughter gets 4 months

Unfortunately, many molesters get plea deals that aren't very long sentences because victims don't want to testify and who can blame them, but his sentence is outrageous.

My daughter was going to testify that was why we got such a long sentence on a plea deal.  He was sentenced to 70 1/2 years but the way the system works he is eligible for parole in 27/12 years but I doubt he gets it the first time and if I have anything to do with it, he won't.  It also helped tremendously I think that actual physical evidence of the abuse existed which hardly ever happens. That's why so many people who are close/or family of the molester find it so hard to believe - here is an example from Facts About Child Molestation:

"Like most people, George's wife, when she considered child molestation at all - thought about it only as a sin or a crime. Her husband was simply not a criminal. He had never even had a traffic ticket. He was a regular hardworking man with a great sense of responsibility. If anything, he was a law-and-order guy. He was, like many husbands, concerned for his family's safety. He was their protector.
His religion was an important part of his life. Their religious beliefs were important to both of them and to their children.
And besides that George couldn't be a child molester, she thought, because they had a vigorous and happy sex life.
Through the months that followed, George's wife and his parents received several shocks. He confessed. Yes, he had sexually molested the 10-year-old girl who accused him, the daughter of a man who'd been his friend since high school. Then she found out there had been other victims. He had molested 23 little girls. The number included two nieces, one the daughter of his wife's sister and, the other the daughter of his own sister. He had also molested several daughters of close friends. His two nieces he had molested over a period of years. Both nieces kept the secret from everybody in the family. In a further shock to his family, he also confessed that when he was 17 and she was in grade school, he had repeatedly molested his stepsister. She also never told."

A quote below from this CNN article

"The backgrounds of many of the individuals ... is shocking," Hayes said. "These defendants come from all walks of life ... This operation puts the lie to the classic stereotypical profile that child predators are nothing more than unemployed drifters. Many of the defendants are, in fact, well-educated and successful in private and professional lives. They work as registered nurses, paramedics, caretakers for mentally ill adults, computer programers and architects."

It's hard to believe that these people can commit such an atrocious crime because we have been conditioned to believe it's that weird guy that lives down the block or a stranger but the truth is "normal" people make up the majority of child molesters - they are your neighbor, your family member, your doctor, the dentist, a CEO, a famous college football coach, a cop, - they can be anyone.

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