Thursday, June 19, 2014

My middle daughter, the one who was sexually abused, "seems" so well adjusted.  Honestly, sometimes it's hard to reconcile that this actually happened to her.  She just seems so "normal".  We don' t talk about it.  Not that I haven't offered to talk about it, but I don't pressure her to talk about it and for obvious reasons I think she prefers not to talk to me about it.  If I was in her position I wouldn't want to talk to my mom about it either.

Whenever I tell her how sorry I am, she always acts embarrassed like she's the one who did something wrong.  I have told her repeatedly that she was manipulated by someone older than her who was in an authority position and she has NOTHING to be ashamed of or to apologize for that we are the ones who failed her.  As I've said before I've done a lot of reading about this and I know that kids feel guilty but they shouldn't.  They were taken advantage of by someone exploiting their vulnerability and trust.  I hate him so much.

On Father's day his son posted a picture of them together on Instagram and said something like "Best summer of my life wish I could go back to this time.".  I was disgusted.  I know this is his father, in fact when I disclosed to him what had happened he was understanding but also made it clear that even though his father had done this, he was still his Dad.  I'm not sure I would feel the same, but I've always been a grudge holder so maybe that's why.  I def wouldn't have posted a picture of him on Father's Day.  

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