Thursday, June 5, 2014

Often I think to myself about how people must think of me and wonder how I haven't completely lost it and had a breakdown.  I wonder that myself sometimes, but I know the answer, because I can't.  I have to be strong.  I have to show my kids that no matter what, they can count on me.  That yes life sucks, but you can't give up, you can't let it break you, you just have to get back up and keep going.  If I don't model that for them, then this will break them.  According to all the "experts", the way Mom handles this type of situation is almost always what allows a molested/abused child to recover and not let what happened to them define their life. 

The most important thing a mom does is believe them and support them.  It's really shocking to me how many mother's do not believe or support their kids.  I mean even if you had doubts about their allegations, why wouldn't you immediately remove them from danger?  Why would you continue to have a relationship with someone who your child says has hurt them? I can't even understand that at all, but that is usually what happens.  I have read so many stories about survivors who told their mom or dad what was happening to them and it was denied or covered up.  Just recently there was a story in the news here locally about a couple and their daughter who the dad impregnated and the mom assisted with trying to cover it up!!!!! Unbelievable!!!

I know until this happened to me, I really didn't know much about molestation.  People need to be more informed.  This needs more attention.  The signs of molestation in children and the characteristics of a child molesters need to become  known my everyone just like the cycle of abuse in domestic violence has become so well publicized.  Things need to change.

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  1. Please keep talking - keep blogging. You are right - you have to go on, even when you want to sleep until the weekend. Even when you want to die. The children depend on you, and you are the only one who can love them and be there for them. Never give up. You will be on the other side some day. Not one day passes, that I don't thank my higher power for the children who kept me going.